Keep them snug at home while you're away!

Services and Rates


Complete litterbox cleaning: $35

Did you know that your cat's litter box should be emptied and scrubbed clean periodically? When we care for your cats, we expect the condition of the litterbox to be decent. If it is not and we need to do a complete cleaning and litter refill, this fee will be assessed. You can also request this service if you would like us to wash the litterbox for you. 

Errand run: $25 plus the cost of supplies

We all have hectic schedules and I understand if you run out of something. If we need to go out and purchase something for your cats while you are gone, this fee will be assessed.

Re-introductions / key pick-ups: $25 / $10

The first meet and greet with Gretel and/or a new sitter with key pick-up/drop-off is free of charge. If something changes in your home and you'd like to go over details with us again, we can do a re-introduction for a fee. Additional key pick-ups/drop-offs are subject to a fee as well.

Extra visit time: $10 per 30 minutes

If you have more than five cats in your home, I recommend a longer visit to make sure each cat gets the individual attention and pampering they deserve.


Due to the nature of our service, we cannot offer guaranteed visit times on single visit days. However, we will do our very best to accommodate your requests. Twice daily clients get prioritized with their preferred timing, as do kitties on medications and those who only eat wet food. If you have concerns, please ask!

We do not offer every other day vacation visits, as they are not ideal for monitoring feline health and also pose scheduling issues.


Meeting cats in their home is very different than meeting them in a shelter, etc. because when we come into your home, we are entering their territory. I like to put my coat and bag on the floor by the entry for the kitties to check me out. I do this because I want them to remember my scent when I arrive later without you there to condone my presence. If your kitty has a favorite interactive toy, or treats I can offer, that also helps reassure them that I am a friend. Routine is important to cats and even though I cannot replace you, I will be there to feed and/or play with them and then I will leave, and things will be as they remember with the two of you being together and stress-free. My goal, from the feline perspective, is to be a fun, cuddly, food-bearing distraction between naps while you are away.

​At the meeting we will go over their daily care routine and I will also pick up two sets of tested keys and payment for the entire service. 


We love working with shy and complicated cats! If you have kitties who are shy or nervous/aggressive around new people please let me know so we can plan how best to approach your kitty. We will try not to ring the buzzer to alert them of a new person when we arrive for the meet and greet of a shy cat, and will call instead. We do our best to respect the boundaries of all kitties - especially those who are apprehensive. I do need to put eyes on them every time I visit so that I know they are doing well.  Please fill me in on favorite hiding spots. It is very rare that a kitty hides for more than a visit or two while under our care. Exposing your cats to safe, cat loving humans can help them as they go through life because they may need medications and care from those other than yourself in the future. It's never too late to help your kitties start to accept new people. Increased comfort around others will no doubt improve their quality of life (and yours) down the road. 


We are glad to send updates to you via text, email, or Facebook (like us on Facebook below)! Some twice daily clients request updates after every visit so don't be shy, you're not the only one! I really enjoy sharing progress and pictures with my clients. Please do not worry if you do not hear from me right away, as technology occasionally fails or I am late sending an update. I will never miss a visit with your kitties but if I do miss an update, you can be sure that another update is soon to follow! I also understand needing to get away for a while, so I am happy to send fewer or no updates, if you prefer. As a City Kitty client, you may update your preferences regarding updates format and frequency in the client portal so we will know your wishes prior to each trip. I want to make your time away as comfortable as possible, for everyone involved. 

Please be sure to inform me (or your sitter) once you have returned home. I get very attached to my feline charges and although I confirm visit dates, errors are still possible and I worry if I do not hear that you are home when you are expected. I am more than willing to continue to visit your kitties if you are delayed given enough advance notice. 


Play Date

Once daily full vacation visit (with or without medications) for 45-60 minutes: $30 per visit

Royal Care Breakfast / Dinner

Twice daily full vacation visits (with or without medications) for 45-60 minutes each: $30 per visit

Loving Care Breakfast / Dinner with "Pop-N" or "Tuck-N"

Twice daily vacation visits with one full visit for 45-60 minutes (with or without medications) and one short visit for 20 minutes (no medications): $30 per full visit / $25 per Pop-N/Tuck-N visit

Slumber Party

Overnight visits (with or without medications): Limited basis, please inquire about rates and availability


Well-check (no medications, short visit): $20

Play date, 45-60 minutes: $30