Keep them snug at home while you're away!

At the suggestion of numerous City Kitty clients, some of my best images will be uploaded here for viewing and/or purchase! I greatly enjoy the challenge of capturing the unique, fun, and beautiful features of the kitties under my care. These shots aren't meant to take the place of professional photography, but as their temporary caretaker I am lucky to catch a special glimpse into their lives. I have found some photos to be precious reminders of a moment in time with my kitty friends. Maybe you feel the same? Perhaps your kitty will be featured here soon! 

If you would like to purchase a high-quality print of your feline companion(s), please email me! Be sure to include the number on the photo caption (click on the photo to view a larger version and see the caption), as well as how many prints you would like and in what size. I will give you a price quote based on the size and quantity ordered.

Your ordered photos will not include the City Kitty watermark. All images below are property of City Kitty and may not be duplicated.

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